About Us


We are not just another start up. We are fired up. Food they say cooks best on a slow fire, but our food for thought is on the fast lane. We are appy about the fact that our white label food app is not just another download and forget app, it's as we say, download Uplode your restaurant app with pride!

All of us are passionate tech cooks, who have made a gourmet meal of our uplodefodie app, what normally would have been just slapdash chow, tough to use, horrible to navigate and painful to place on your precious smartphone.

The about us section could go on like a seven course meal, but we prefer to serve U in portions that are wholesome, tasty and tickle the buds. For more on the app and how it will serve your purpose not only to retain loyal customers but also build a huge stockpile of regulars, visit our Appsolutely Yours section!